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Listening to Ukraine


Like others around the world, our hearts are broken for the beautiful citizens of Ukraine. Their determination in the present war is just, and it is our belief their future will reaffirm what is rightly theirs: a democratic country they can always call home; a place where living in peace and harmony with neighbors is a given; and one where their children will always be safe in knowing the love of parents and dreams of listening to a just future are always close by and achievable.

Please consider a donation to the Save the Children Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

blog-listening-to-the-birds-dumontDetail: “Listening to the Birds”. John E. Dumont, American (1856-1944) 1892 signed print (Copyright 1885) : Photogravure: Chine-collé: 33.5 x 25.1 | 40.7 x 34.0 cm. This fine genre study by Dumont of eight children shows them gathered outdoors near a fence and gazing skyward while listening and gazing at birds nesting or flying overhead. The photograph went on to win multiple prizes and medals, including a prize at the prestigious and groundbreaking 1891 Vienna Salon, the first international exhibition where photographs were accepted and judged solely on artistic merit. From: PhotoSeed Archive

A Little Love

Sending you a bit of Love on this Saint Valentines Day.

blog-cupid-about-1910-walter-mitchell-studio-31yDetail: “Cupid”: Walter-Mitchell Studio: (Floyd A. Walter & William R. Mitchell- American) (28 E. 14th St. New York) cabinet card with pasted gelatin silver print, ca. 1910. 13.9 x 9.9 | 20.0 x 14.7 cm. With stretched “wings” and sporting a “quiver”, this unknown child model Cupid holds an “arrow” while standing before a painted studio backdrop. The wings, arrow and quiver are all hand-drawn in this vintage combination print taken at the Walter-Mitchell Studio, then located in the Joseph J. Little Building on 28 East 14th Street in New York City, still standing today. Built in 1881, this important “cast-iron building drew tenants who were artists and manufacturers, drawn by the ample light provided by the unusually large north-facing windows overlooking Union Square.” (Village Preservation online resource) From: PhotoSeed Archive

Winging It