Die Kunst in der Photographie : 1897-1908 - German photographic art journal

Die Kunst in der Photographie : 1897-1908 - German photographic art journal

With the simple adornment of a Sunburst done in gilt, subscribers to Die Kunst in der Photographie had the option of collecting bound issues in green linen and dark brown half-leather over boards,  yearly volumes.

Between 1897-1908, 356 individual large format, hand-pulled photogravures and 318 tipped autotypes (halftones) were issued as part of 66 individual art folios in the German photographic art journal: Die Kunst in der Photographie.” (translated to The Art in Photography)  Franz Goerke (1856-1931), the editor and publisher  of this publication, was an important exponent of German art photography.  Dr. Hermann Wilhelm Vogel, who taught the young Alfred Stieglitz photographic chemistry in Germany in his formative years, commented in a photographic review during its’ first year of publication (1897): Die Kunst in der Photographie is a  …”totally new and original undertaking.  Many waffle about art in photography, but what nonsense.  Here (speaking of Goerke)  we are dealing with the work of a sensitive expert.” 1.

And a modern view,  in the publication History of Photography:

“This publication may well be the most important and valuable documentation of art photography in the German language but, because of its rarity, has remained virtually unknown.” 2.

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