Platinotype by Willis & Clements, Philadelphia

Platinotype by Willis & Clements, Philadelphia

Editorial Comment for this plate:


We present with this (the Washington Birthday) number of THE PHOTOGRAPHIC TIMES, two full page pictorial illustrations to our readers: the frontispiece, a platinotype, by Willis & Clements, of Philadelphia, from negatives made by Mr. Alfred Clements during a photographic trip abroad; the other, a gelatine print copy of the Washington Calendar, by the Photogravure Company of this city.

Concerning the platinotype, and how to make it, Mr. Alfred Clements has given our readers full particulars in the article following. The second paper, on “The Printing Method of the Future,” by Charles Scolik, also contained in this issue, describes the method for making a platinotype paper. We deem the growing popularity of this excellent printing process to justly merit the prominence we have given it in this issue. The negatives which were selected by Mr. Clements for making these prints are all pictures that may be studied with profit, especially by landscape photographers. Of the Washington Calendar we speak in another column. (p. 89)

Platinotype by Willis & Clements, Philadelphia

Image Dimensions16.9 x 11.8 cm tipped to mount & published as frontis plate for February 22, 1889 issue

Support Dimensions28.6 x 20.5 cm gray/green art paper