A Look Into the Future

A Look Into the Future

printed tissue guard copy: “The future lies just beyond the borderland of the present”

Essay:   A Look Into the Future


“WE CAN look into the future only a little way at most.
And yet the future lies just beyond the borderland of the present, But unknown, undiscovered, veiled in mystery, it stretches away into the distance, whither man cannot peer. And yet the very road we are all traveling leads there-into the future; and as it is a long road, and sometimes a rough one, it is wise to arrange so that our journey may not be troubled by the things we have left behind undone, or our departure unprovided for.
The door of the Trust Company opens the way for a man to enter and make arrangements of the future-so far as our worldly possessions are concerned. It is the only earthly portal through which a man may project himself into the future-and get back alive. The Trust Company is a sort of an everlasting proxy which will vote your stock for your best interests, and what is even of more importance, for the best interests of those near and dear to you whom you will leave behind, after you have departed on that long journey into that undiscovered realm where we must all go sooner or later. It is a very consoling thought to know that if you can’t be here yourself always-and we all know that-your affairs will be taken good care of, that your money and property will be handled with skill an intelligence and, possibly, what is best of all, with the assurance that the fallibility of human nature can play no pranks to defeat the ends for which perhaps the greater part of your life has been spent.
The Trust Company never dies, never absconds and is immune from those possibilities of loss that may happen to every individual.
The Trust Company keeps a man’s money while he is alive, and allows him a liberal interest upon it. It loans him money upon his securities when his needs demand. It makes his will and provides for the distribution of his estate, and when the time comes to carry out the will, it acts as his administrator and protects the interests of those he leaves and provides for them in accordance with his wishes with an unerring and faithful hand.
The Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company has grown to be one of the great financial institutions, not only of this community, but of the country. It has upwards of $21,000,000 of deposits belonging to some 17,000 depositors. It is an institution that has grown to its present place of importance by those conservative methods that inspire confidence and that mean strength and safety and the broadest usefulness to the community.
Th aim of the company is to render to its patrons the greatest possible service in its field, and in this it has been singularly successful, as is indicated by its steady growth. It became desirable, and even necessary, that the company should have quarters commensurate with the increased volume and scope of its business, and with this in view the present building was erected, designed to meet its special requirements and to furnish its patrons with the most modern facilities and conveniences, and with due regard to the best artistic standards. Here, in a structure of adequate proportions and fitting character, is provided an ideal home for an institution of this kind.
Architecturally, there are few buildings in the country that surpass it in beauty, and the structure has been carried out with a fidelity to the purest and best models of Greek and Roman days. And yet it shows no effort or effects-no garishness-but a quiet and dignified magnificence befitting such an institution.
The main banking room is devoted to the savings department, officers’ rooms, directors’ rooms and a special department for ladies, where is provided for their exclusive use a room in which they may transact their business in due privacy, and nothing is lacking for their special comfort and convenience, even to the services of a maid who is in constant attendance.
Downstairs are the Safe Deposit vaults. These are equipped with every modern device for the safe-keeping of papers and valuables, and every facility and convenience is at hand.
Safe Deposit Boxes may be rented at very moderate cost.
Especial attention is called to the Savings Department. Here one may have the advantage of an account subject to check and at the same time earn 4 per cent. interest upon deposits of calendar months.
Those contemplating opening accounts or intending to change their accounts are cordially invited to call upon us. We invite small as well as large accounts.
The officers of the company are always pleased to confer about any of those services which it is so peculiarly well equipped to render, relating to the financial and administrative matters of estates or individuals; and the company invites correspondence upon these subjects, which will have the same prompt and careful attention as a personal call.
And we especially invite correspondence from those living out of town and who, not finding it convenient to call, may wish to have information upon any subject relating to our business, such as opening an account, wills, administrative matters, loans, and the like. We are always glad to give by letter any information which may be required upon these subjects, an this we do freely without implying any obligation whatever on the part of our correspondent.”

Rochester Trust & and Safe Deposit Co.
Rochester, N.Y.

A Look Into the Future

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