A Moments Leisure

A Moments Leisure

A Moments Leisure is an exhibition print by long-time Wilkes-Barre, PA resident and Camera Club member Benjamin Joslin Boyd ( 1881-1958) showing a woman silhouetted in a doorway while she takes a break from hanging laundry in this unusual home-life study.

print details, recto: chipping and losses to secondary support, with large bend of right corner of image and primary support behind it; transference of holes punched into primary mount showing through to print verso. Print most likely dates from 1918 or before because Noko paper was known to be unavailable during the later part of WWI: source: Portrait: June, 1918: “Published Monthly by Cyko Users”: article: “The Much-missed Noko Paper

print details verso: in black ink script:

Title  (A MOMENTS LEISURE)  Benj. J. Boyd  (clipped) Wilkes-Barre PA. 50 Lawrence st. (clipped)

Class C

Eastman Vest Pocket
Single lens
Eastman Filter
1/25 Second Exp.
Dev with Pyro
Enlarged on “NOKO”  (this was a chloride paper mfg. by Ansco-ed)

58 (underlined, in orange pencil)

A Moments Leisure

Image Dimensions24.0 x 14.4 cm

Support Dimensions 26.3 x 15.4 | 34.2 x 26.6 cm