An Old Highway

An Old Highway

Editorial comments on this plate:

Our picture, this week, is from a negative by Charles H. Miller, a Philadelphia amateur photographer of cultivated artistic taste of whom we spoke under “The Editorial Table” last week. The picturesque view “was, at one time,” as Mr. Miller writes, “a great stopping place for canal boats, as there is a dam above the lock which you see in the picture. The place is on what is known as the Philadelphia Branch, and is on the Pennsylvania side of the river about a half mile below Gordly, Penn., and right near where the Reading Railroad branch crosses the river. The little house on the right was at one time a kind of store where anything from a pin to an anchor could be bought.
“The view was made on a Carbutt ‘Special’ plate, late in the afternoon, on rather a hazy day. It was exposed seven seconds, and developed with pyro. (I have used eikonogen and all other kinds of developers, but have gone back to pyro).”
Concluding an interesting letter too long to quote here, Mr. Miller writes :—”All I know of the photographic part of my recreation I taught myself, receiving many valuable points from The Photographic Times, without which I could not have got along. I also have all of The Photographic Times Annuals.”

An Old Highway

Image Dimensions15.3 x 19.2 cm | published October 31, 1890 | issue No. 476

Support Dimensions20.5 x 28.7 cm