An Unwelcome Guest

An Unwelcome Guest

This engraving from a painting by French artist Charles Édouard Delort has a completely different known title:  An Invitation to The Royal Ball”. It would seem the editors of The Photographic Times wholly reinterpreted the title and context of the work.

Editorial Comment for this plate:


WE present with this issue of THE PHOTOGRAPHIC TIMES, another picture in the Series of Reproductions from Notable Paintings. “An Unwelcome Guest,” tells its own story. Two soldiers have been ordered into a house, for quarters, where there are two pretty young girls; much to the evident distress of their mother or guardian. There is a lesson for photographers, in the grouping of this picture, that will not be lost on our readers. It is a picture entirely within the reach of the camera; and we see evidences that more of this kind of work is being done by photographers, every year. It is a field which we are glad to see is being cultivated. (p. 241)

Charles Édouard Delort: 1841-1895

Charles Edouard Edmond Delort (French, 1841-1895) Oil on Canvas Laid on Wood Titled “An Invitation to The Royal Ball”. The finely painted artwork depicting an outdoor front-courtyard scene of a standing Royal soldier delivering the King’s invitation to his Royal Ball to two young beauties. The invite being intercepted and read by the house governess, as the two surprised young girls attempt to take a peek to the invite and another soldier on horseback and the soldier’s horse await outside. A watchful dogs keeps guard, a spinning-wheel and armchair in the background below a wicker birdcage hanging from the wall, all within a gilt wood and gesso carved frame. Signed (Lower left): C. Delort. Circa: Paris, 1880.Description: Jan’s & Company Fine French Antiques Inc. Online site accessed June, 2024

An Unwelcome Guest

Image Dimensions15.4 x 11.3 cm Published as frontis plate for May 17, 1889 issue

Support Dimensions28.6 x 20.5 cm