Backyard Apple Trees Blossoming

PhotographerLeo Kraft

CountryUnited States



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Flowers, Homes, Landscape, Trees


Image Dimensions: 19.0 x 24.3 cm corner-glued
Support Dimensions: Detail: 21.0 x 26.1 | 33.0 x 39.3 cm thin, light beige art paper & thick, heavy gray paper primary and secondary mounts

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American amateur photographer Leo Kraft (1885-1927) most likely took this photograph showing a double-line of flowering apple or crabapple trees looking down into the backyard area of his Lakewood, Ohio home lwhich was ocated outside of Cleveland.


print notes: Title to work supplied by this archive; unsigned but acquired along with other known examples by Leo Kraft for this archive; believed to be printed on Kodak’s P. M. C. Bromide (double weight) paper.

Backyard Apple Trees Blossoming