Child Sitting on Tomato Crate Holding Camera Craft Magazine

Photographer Anonymous

CountryUnited States

MediumGelatin Silver



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Advertising, Genre: Children, Photography


Image Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.8 | 13.8 x 8.8 cm gelatin silver undivided AZO rppc

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California Pipe Dreamer

Holding an issue of Camera Craft magazine, a monthly published in San Francisco, California between May, 1900 & March, 1942, a young boy with his legs dangling sits on a wooden tomato crate which has been stenciled on the side as being from Pennsylvania-indicated as:  Packed For….PA . Printed on an AZO brand photographic postcard, it was taken anonymously between 1913 and June, 1923, when the cover of Camera Craft the child holds was illustrated with this design featuring the profile of a landscape view-camera with hanging bulb shutter release.

print notes verso: written in graphite: legible: with Love. Ellsworth and name Walter opposite in address field. Kodak AZO, undivided and unmailed rppc. (this card features AZO stamp box used from 1917-30)


Provenance: photo purchased from collector based in Parma, MI.

Child Sitting on Tomato Crate Holding Camera Craft Magazine