Coronado is a resort city located in San Diego County, California, across and around San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego.

Cleveland native Oliver Lippincott, (b. 1859) a graduate of the Chicago Art Institute, maintained a commercial photographic studio in Los Angeles, CA from around 1895. In late December, 1899, he opened the Lippincott Art Photo Company at 351 South Broadway in Los Angeles. His speciality was scenic panoramic landscapes done in places like the Grand Canyon, the Yosemite Valley, and Indian life in Arizona and New Mexico, among other picturesque Western US locales. (background: Oliver Lippincott and His Camera, in: Los Angeles Herald, Number 125, February, 3 1901)

A Few Known Dates in the Life of Oliver Lippincott


1900: US Census lists his occupation as artist.

➞ 15 color photographs by Lippincott of Los Angeles, CA included in volume: Glimpses of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, published by Frank S. Thayer, Denver, CO.

➞ Lippincott was the first motorist to drive an automobile into California’s Yosemite National Park, accompanied by personal mechanic Edward C. Russell behind the wheel of his two seat Locomobile steamer over the “dusty, steep, narrow and rough” Wawona Road. On June 24, they drove out onto Glacier Point’s famed Overhanging Rock and attracted national attention after photographing the vehicle and themselves near the edge of the precipice.

1902: In May, he exhibited work in the First Los Angeles Photographic Salon at the Los Angeles Camera Club.

1908: January: advertisement for Oliver Lippincott Photographer with a studio at 20 John Street, New York City. “Process and Mechanical Prints”

1909: Now working in New York City, he advertises himself as Oliver Lippincott, Photographer of Men, maintaining a studio in the Singer Building at 149 Broadway.

1913: Living in Rutherford, New Jersey, but maintaining his studio in NYC, he declares bankruptcy.

1919: Now listed running another Men’s portrait business, now at 212 Broadway in NYC.

1920: US Census lists him as a photographer.


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