Cover: 1930 Blue Prints Album

ArtistHelen Chase Gage

CountryUnited States

MediumCyanotype, Cloth over Boards

PortfolioHelen Chase Gage Blue Print Albums

EphemeraLeaf Form Specimen Photograms


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Illustration, Volume Cover


Support Dimensions: 23.0 x 15.4 cm (2)

Believed to show the repeated block pattern monogram HCG for its’ maker, Helen Chase Gage, (b. 1917)´╗┐ blue cyanotype fabric has been used to cover the front and rear boards of this hand-made, stitched album featuring cloth ties. Paper leaves, now yellowed and brittle due to age and acidic nature, make up the contents of the album featuring 33 individually mounted cyanotypes. Opposite these works are mounted the original source material for each- plant specimens- secured on their respective album leaf using thin pieces of white linen adhesive tape. Like her previous 1929 summer album, this 1930 album was assembled at her family’s summer home, “Sagamore Farm” in Rye, New Hampshire between August 8 & September 4, 1930.

Cover: 1930 Blue Prints Album