Cover: Camera Craft Magazine 1900

ArtistWilliam Howell Bull

CountryUnited States

MediumWood Engraving: Multiple Color

JournalCamera Craft

AtelierSunset Press & Photo Engraving Co. (San Francisco)


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Artists, Holidays, Illustration, Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 26.0 x 17.5 cm

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Featuring a price of 15¢ and artwork with a Chinese firecrackers theme published to coincide with the American July Fourth holiday, this was only the third issue of Camera Craft to appear. The July, 1900 issue was done by California artist William Howell Bull. (1851-1940)


Camera Craft magazine was a monthly photographic journal published in San Francisco, California between May, 1900 & March, 1942.

Cover: Camera Craft Magazine 1900