Cover Design: Camera Craft Magazine

PhotographerMadam Del Oro


CountryUnited States

MediumHalftone, Letterpress, Wood Engraving: Multiple Color

JournalCamera Craft

AtelierThe Hansen Co. (San Francisco)


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Animals, Dogs, California, Journal Cover, Pets, Portrait: Children


Image Dimensions: 13.3. x 12.1 cm halftone inset photograph
Support Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.5 cm cover

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Camera Craft magazine was a monthly photographic journal published in San Francisco, California between May, 1900 & March, 1942. Actual photographs were not used as inset cover designs for the publication until editor Sigismund Blumann began the practice beginning with the October, 1924 issue.  


Love Me, Love My Dog by female photographer (Madam) Del Oro is the title of this photograph used for the January, 1926 issue.

Cover Design: Camera Craft Magazine