Cover: L'Effort | Cercle D'Art Photographique


MediumCardstock, Letterpress

JournalL'Effort Cercle D'Art Photographique

AtelierTr. Rein (Bruxelles)


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Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 27.3 x 21.4 cm string-bound

This July, 1905 issue of the journal L’EFFORT includes 8, unpaginated double-sided letterpress leaves on white coated paper stock and an additional 8 individually-mounted tipped halftone plates on cream-colored art paper.  The special plates and additional halftones reproduce work featured in the 1903 & 1904 Salons.


Publishing history, frequency of publication, etc. of this rare journal unknown other than it appeared as a separate publication as indicated on the inside front cover of this issue: Édition de la Revue Belge de Photographie Bruxelles Chaussée de Haecht, 164. The journal is believed to have appeared from 1901-1910. L’Effort was a secession organization composed mainly of Belgian pictorial photographers & having an international reach.


printed at left corner of cover:

Imprimerie Tr. Rein
78, Rue de Ruysbroek,  78

printed at right corner of cover:

Prix : 2 francs 50 cent.

printed at upper right corner of cover:

Juillet 1905

offsetting to cover

Cover: L'Effort | Cercle D'Art Photographique