Cover: The Photographic Times: 1888


CountryUnited States

MediumWood Engraving: Multiple Color

JournalThe Photographic Times 1888

AtelierStyles & Cash (New York)


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Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 29.7 x 21.6 cm | Friday, August 17, 1888 | Vol. XVIII / No. 361

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Full title: The Photographic Times and American Photographer: A Journal devoted to the science, practical working and advancement of Photography.

Priced at .10 cents an issue or $3.00 for the entire year, the makeup of this typical issue from Friday, August 17, 1888 comprises the following: 12 pages of editorial matter: pp. 385-396;  22 pages  of advertising matter and an additional 7 full pages (one incorporating table of contents) of advertising  for the Scovill Manufacturing Company and Publisher and author Edward L. Wilson of New York City-both listing their photographic publications, cameras, bromide paper, etc. These include backside of cover and front and back of rear cover.

Cover: The Photographic Times: 1888