Cover: The Photographic Times-Bulletin : 1904

Cover: The Photographic Times-Bulletin : 1904

Artist Harry Stacey Benton produced this new cover design for The Photographic Times-Bulletin in 1903. The earliest example in the PhotoSeed Archive is from April of this year, however it is believed it was first used beginning in February- the January, 1903 cover using the older design done in green and blue ink. This was the final cover design for the Times-Bulletin which ceased publication under this title after the December, 1904 issue. The wood-engraved, Art-Nouveau portrait of a woman with vase of flowers is set within an elaborate ornamental frame and printed in two colors.

Harry Stacey Benton was born in New York state in either 1876 (1900 U.S. census) or 1878. (1880 U.S. census) In the 1900 census he is living in Chicago and lists his occupation as illustrator. It is believed he died in Florida in 1947. In October of 1901, he was elected Secretary of the Art Students’ League of Chicago. The following year, in the June, 1902 issue of the trade journal The Inland Printer, we learn more details of his early life:

Mr. Benton is among the younger of Chicago’s artists, and is coming rapidly to the front. He prefers decorative work, in the line of covers, titles, etc., and illustrating, and works in various mediums. The Voltaire cover, a miniature of which is here shown, is in pen-and-ink and crayon. The other designs are representative examples of his work, but have been reproduced so small they hardly do the originals justice. Mr. Benton is a graduate of the Art Institute and has had no other training outside of that institution except what he has received through Mr. Fred Richardson. He is a hard worker and very painstaking in all he does. In addition to his general knowledge of drawing he is well posted in colors, and much of the beauty of his work lies in the harmonious color effects produced. His friends predict a very successful career for him.  (1.)

1. Our June Cover: in: The Inland Printer: A.H. McQuilkin, editor: The Inland Printer Company: Chicago: Vol. XXIX, June, 1902: pp. 450-451

Cover: The Photographic Times-Bulletin : 1904

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