Cover: Wiener Photographische Blätter 1898


MediumCardstock, Letterpress

JournalWiener Photographische Blätter 1898

AtelierFriedrich Jasper (Wien)


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Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 27.4 x 18.5 cm June (green cardstock)

This extremely rare, stringbound June, 1898 issue of the Wiener Photographische Blätter features a hand-pulled photogravure by Belgian photographer Léonard Misonne- “Des Maisons Blanches” (The White Houses) . The issue features halftone photographs with the pagination pp. 125-144 along with 4 pages of advertisements printed on two pages of green paper at the rear of the issue. The front inside, back inside and back cardstock cover also features advertisements.

Cover: Wiener Photographische Blätter 1898