Cuban Ox-Team

PhotographerMaximilian Toch

CountryUnited States

MediumPhotogravure: Text

JournalThe Photographic Times 1890

AtelierN.Y. Photogravure Company (New York City)


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Animals, Cattle, Carts, wagons


Image Dimensions: 15.5 x 19.7 cm | published July 11, 1890 | issue No. 460
Support Dimensions: 20.5 x 28.7 cm

Editorial comment on this plate:

With this number of The Photographic Times we present to our readers the fourth picture of Mr. Toch’s series illustrating his “photographic trip in the torrid zone.” The interesting narrative is continued, and describes the circumstances under which the photograph was made. The picture is one entirely unlike anything obtainable in this country, but depicts a characteristic scene in the picturesque country through which Mr. Toch journeyed. We are sure it will prove not the least interesting one of the series. Next month we shall show A Street Scene in Nashau, and the month following will Bahamas conclude the series with a beautiful photograph of Cocoanut Palms. All of this series is reproduced by the Photo-Gravure Company of New York.

Cuban Ox-Team