Day’s Decline

Day’s Decline

Day’s Decline was one of two gravures included in the catalogue of the Third Annual Members’ Exhibition of the Society of Amateur Photographers of New York, held in the society’s club rooms in New York City from March 21-28, 1896. The following month, The American Amateur Photographer published a review of the exhibit in their Society News section and further made reference to the hand-pulled Post gravure included in the catalogue:

The third exhibition of prints and slides of members of the society occurred at the rooms, March 21st, and 28th, inclusive, and was noted for being the smallest exhibition yet given, but at the same time contained examples of good work…There was a good average attendance, and altogether the exhibition may be said to have been a success. The catalogue was embellished with two artistic photogravures, made by the New York Photogravure Co. from negatives by Alfred Stieglitz and W. B. Post, entitled, respectively, “Early Morn” and ” Day’s Decline.”  (1.)

1.  Society News: in: The American Amateur Photographer: New York: April, 1896: pp.185-186

Day’s Decline

Image Dimensions12.2 x 17.7 cm

Support Dimensions20.2 x 25.5 cm detail shown