Cigarette Girl -- A Poster Design

PhotographerRobert Demachy



JournalPhotographische Rundschau 1899

AtelierL. Angerer (Berlin)


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Fashion, Interiors, Portrait: Woman, Smoke, Still Life, Women: Leisure Time


Image Dimensions: 14.4 x 10.6 cm: October: Plate XXXVII

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Photographische Rundschau : 1887-1943 -German photographic journal for amateurs

Title of work assigned from known source.  On plate:  Robert Demachy, Paris.

Alternate known title: Frau mit Zigarette.

It is unclear if this photogravure plate was from the successors to Ludwig Angerer, (1827-1879) a prominent amateur portrait photographer in Vienna who introduced the carte-de-visite to this city in 1857.

Cigarette Girl -- A Poster Design