PhotographerAlida Daenen


MediumAutotype (halftone)

JournalDie Kunst in der Photographie 1905



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Documentary, Sewing, Supports, Women: Leisure Time


Image Dimensions: 17.2 x 13.2 cm Lieferung I
Support Dimensions: Detail: 33.0 x 24.0 cm mount color: gray

Translated title:: Lacemakers

From the Charles Holme volume Art in Photography, (1905) an excerpt citing female photographer Alida Daenen is included from the chapter Pictorial Photography in Belgium:


To M. Chas. Puttemans, a Vice-President of the Association Beige (sic) de Photographie, MM. E. Adelot, A. Bourgeois, Ch. Boone, Ch. Masson, Ed. Sacré, M. Vanderkindere, R. Ickx, Léonard Misonne, G. Marissiaux, G. Oury, Maurice Hanssens, Albert Guggenheim, Romdenne, Albert Dietz, L. Claeys, Ferdinand Leys, and Mlle. Alida Daenen, the pictorial movement in Belgium owes much of its success.