Derniers Rayons Dans la Forêt

Derniers Rayons Dans la Forêt

Dr. Guglielmo Oliaro, Italian: (1874 -1936)

Photograph ca. 1900?

Translating to Last Rays In The Forest, this bucolic scene at dusk features a rushing stream and footbridge bisecting a silhouetted line of Pollarded Willow trees.

From Turin, amateur photographer Dr. Guglielmo Oliaro was very interested in the arts, founding a medical publishing house that survives to this day: From the InterFairs online resource:

Minerva Medica was the brainchild of a Turin GP (General Practitioner -ed.) Dr. Guglielmo Oliaro, a scientist with a passion for literature, art and music. It was on December 8 1925 that Dr. Oliaro got together with a small group of partners to set up the original company, Tipografia Editrice Minerva based in Turin. The creation of that company was a response to the growing success both in Italy and abroad, of Minerva Medica, a weekly journal for the general practitioner that first came out in 1909. Edizioni Minerva Medica S.p.A. was set up as a limited company by Dr. Guglielmo Oliaro on June 9 1934, for the purpose of supplying the Italian medical profession with text-books and scientific journals.

This example of Oliaro’s work was printed by the Milan atelier Maison Tensi and included as a full-page plate in the April, 1907 issue of La Fotographia Artistica, a  French/Italian photographic journal. 

Derniers Rayons Dans la Forêt

Image Dimensions16.6 x 22.5 cm April

Support Dimensions23.5 x 32.7 cm