Diptych: Prélude & Une Muse

PhotographersEmma Justine Farnsworth, Rene Le Bègue

CountryUnited States, France


PortfolioPremière Exposition d'Art Photographique 1894

AtelierT. Fillon/LeMercier & Cie (Paris)


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Allegorical, Musical Instruments


Image Dimensions: Left: Le Bègue: 10.7 x 8.0 cm Planche VII bis ---- Right: Farnsworth: 10.7 x 8.4 cm Planche VII

The first diptych in this portfolio features two photographs of women playing stringed musical instruments. Photo Club de Paris member Rene Le Bègue photographs a model in his draperied Paris studio at left while New York photographer Farnworth’s better known image at right: “To a Greek Girl”, features an allegorical maiden playing a lyre.

Diptych: Prélude & Une Muse