Dorothy Tucker at Point O' Woods Beach Camp

PhotographerC.R. Tucker

CountryUnited States



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Camping, Color photograph, Landscape, Figure, Seashore


Image Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.5 cm
Support Dimensions: none

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Blue Prince

Dorothy Tucker, (1899-1986) who appears no older than two years old in this photograph, the young daughter of amateur photographer C.R. Tucker, stands at the entrance to a large canvas tent with American flag flying overhead on the beach at Point O’ Woods on Long Island Sound. Wikipedia states this private retreat-even today- may have been the first settlement on Fire Island in Long Island Sound, and was originally organized in 1894 for religious retreats, including some from the Chautauqua assemblies before ownership passed to the present-day Point O’ Woods Association in 1898 after the first group went bankrupt.


print notes verso: in graphite in presumed hand of artist:


print date estimated based on known birth year of Dorothy Tucker. (Aug. 1899)


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Dorothy Tucker at Point O' Woods Beach Camp