Dorothy Tucker with Kodak 3A Folding Pocket Camera

Dorothy Tucker with Kodak 3A Folding Pocket Camera

Dorothy Tucker,  b. August, 1899, of Staten Island, N.Y., the daughter of photographer Charles Rollins Tucker, is shown holding and snuggling up to what is believed to be Kodak’s first postcard format camera (shown in closed position) introduced in 1903 and manufactured until 1915. Over a period of successive years, Dorothy posed for a series of photographs taken by her father and entered in Kodak’s annual Advertising contests. Scott’s Photographica Collection online resource states the 3A was manufactured in seven different models over its’ lifetime and that the “1912 Eastman Kodak catalog prices the 3A FPK with Kodak Ball Bearing shutter at 20 dollars, with Kodak Automatic shutter at 25 dollars and with Compound shutter and Zeiss Kodak anastigmat lens at 61.40 dollars.”

print notes: Mounted vintage platinum print of known subject Dorothy Tucker with writing in blue editor’s pencil to support verso: 621-B. (possibly 13)  (this indicates entrant # 621 and category # B (or 13) for this photograph in the Kodak Advertising Contest)

Dorothy Tucker with Kodak 3A Folding Pocket Camera

Image Dimensions22.0 x 14.0 cm

Support Dimensions33.9 x 24.9 cm off-white hand-made art paper with impressed mounting window