Dr. Ernst Vogel  ✝

Dr. Ernst Vogel ✝

On the death of his father Dr. Hermann Wilhelm Vogel, who founded Photographische Mitteilungen in 1864, photo-chemist Dr. Ernst Vogel (born July 23, 1866) took over the editorship of the journal in 1899 and continued until his death on August 27, 1901.

This portrait of Vogel was most likely taken in New York by Kurtz in 1892 when Vogel was working with him on the development of the three-color halftone process:

“After having acquired during 1892 the necessary experience and practical training in New York in the plant of William Kurtz (a dear friend of his father’s), he took an important part in the development of the three-color halftone process and, with Georg Büxenstein, founded in 1893 an establishment for photoengraving at Berlin, with particular attention to the practical application of his knowledge of color printing.” 1.

1.  Sensitizing Emulsions: in: History of Photography: Josef Maria Eder: translated by Edward Epstean: Columbia University Press: New York: 1945: p. 464

Dr. Ernst Vogel ✝

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