Ellen Terry, at the age of Sixteen

PhotographerJulia Margaret Cameron



JournalCamera Work

AtelierManhattan Photogravure Co. (New York), Autotype Fine Arts Co. (London)


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Allegorical, Circular Image, Figure Study, Genre: Women, Supports, The Stage, Women of Mark


Image Dimensions: 15.7 cm diameter
Support Dimensions: 28.0 x 20.1 cm | mount: 29.4 x 21.0 cm

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English Shakespearean actress Ellen Terry  was included as a hand-pulled, Japanese tissue photogravure in Camera Work XLI, (1913) photographed by Cameron in 1864 when she was 16 years of age. The allegorical photograph originally carried the title of “Sadness”. Entire vintage tipped plate shown on original CW mount.

Ellen Terry, at the age of Sixteen