Étude A L’Atelier

Étude A L’Atelier

Title: A Studio Study

Engraved on tissue guard:

Title: Étude A L’Atelier
par M. le comte B. TYSZKIEWICZ 

Cliché d’après nature.
Héliogravure DUJARDIN imprimée en taille-douce par CHASSEPOT
Papier de la Société des Papeteries du Marais.


A note on engraving terminology: In France, plates designated in this particular journal as héliogravure are the same as hand-pulled photogravure plates from this period. Confusion arises however because photogravure in the French language typically refers to the halftone method of engraving. We have kept the designation as photogravure in this listing in order to keep uniformity throughout the site in regards to this type of photographic print. The reference to this being a taille-douce printing means the plate was printed in the intaglio method on a copper-plate press from the original plate. Other intaglio plates in this journal: Photocollographie for collotype and Similigravure for both single and multiple-color halftone plates are noted in the PhotoSeed Medium plate designation. Elsewhere, hand printed héliogravure taille-douce plates were also done using a fine screen.

Reference books state photographer’s name as Comte Benoît Tyszkiewicz as well as Comte Aleksander von Tyszkiewicz. 1.

1. For short biographies on Tyszkiewicz: See: Kunstphotographie um 1900 – Die Sammlung Ernst Juhl : Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg: 1989: p. 294 & Le Pictorialisme En France: Michel Poivert: Hoëbeke/Bibliothèque Nationale: Paris: 1992: p. 101

Étude A L’Atelier

Image Dimensions27.5 x 21.0 cm September Planche IX