Evening —Interior, 1899

Evening —Interior, 1899

printed tissue guard copy: “Did you ever sit indoors of a rainy afternoon?”

Essay: Rainy Days

“DID you ever sit indoors of a rainy afternoon, when the world seemed to be drowsy, and the rain pattered off the shingle roof, and made a restful tinkling sound as it ran down the eavestrough at the back of the house? You could hear the little rivulets of water dripping outside the window, and see the chickens huddle under the shed, and the old house seemed so homelike and comfortable and peaceful. The sort of a day made for reveries, for quiet daydreams-a visit with dear old memories past or hopes to come; a day to get acquainted with yourself, and all the old familiar things about the house which somehow seem more companionable. Everything is calm and peaceful and quiet, and the very sounds are soft, and seem to soothe the senses, and there is just nothing to do but look out of doors and watch the rain and think. These gentle rains are good for us-they’re cleansing and refreshing and bring new life in the garden-spots of the heart-they make us kindly and friendly and thoughtful and bring peace and quiet.
And this reminds us that it is a good thing to think about the rainy days which may come in life-the days of storm and stress-and to save some from the days of sunshine. Saving a certain amount each day is a good deal like getting up or going to bed at a certain time each day; it becomes a habit, and when a thing becomes a habit it is natural, and when a thing is natural it is easy to do.
Dollars are like trees, planted in the right soil deep and early enough they will grow into sturdy oaks to shelter you in after life, when rainy days come.”

Evening —Interior, 1899

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