Fair is she in the sunset light...

PhotographerA.R. Gurrey Jr.

CountryUnited States

MediumGelatin Silver

VolumeIdyls of Hawaii

AtelierGurrey's Ltd. (Honolulu)


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Hawaii, Landscape, Pond, Night, Trees


Image Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.5 cm
Support Dimensions: 25.0 x 19.8 cm

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The Idea of Hawaii

The following lines in calligraphic script by A.R. Gurrey Jr. are included as a photo-transfer to the leaf:


Fair is she in the sunset light
When the world is waiting
the hush of night
And the winds have gone to sleep.

Anna Cate Dole

These lines are from Anna Cate Dole’s poem “A Psalm for Hawaii”. The entire poem was published on the front page of the (Honolulu) Sunday Advertiser: Feb. 21, 1909.


Anna Cate Dole, (1841-1918) born Anna Prentice Cate, was married to Sanford B. Dole, (1844-1926) who was the only President of the Republic of Hawaii (1894-1900) as well as the first Governor of the U.S. Territory of Hawaii from 1900-1903.


Gurrey Jr. monogram lacking from photo plate.



A Psalm For Hawaii

Fair is she in the morning light-
Awaking from dreams of the night;
Bathed in the morning dew;
A skylark thrilling the wide world through
As he drops in the ether blue.
A rainbow spanning the mountain height
With tints of heaven’s own hue.
Old ocean singing a psalm of delight
As the dawn comes swiftly out of the night;-
And the waves are wild with glee
As she flashes her light on the surf of the sea-
Wild with glee-at the foot of old Diamond Head
In the glorious morning light.
Through the long, long beautiful day,
Keep us-O God-we pray!

Fair is she in the sunset light,-
When the world is waiting the hush of night,
And the winds have gone to sleep.
When softly the purple shadows lie
On the velvet hills of Waialae,-
And wild and sweet is the plover’s cry
As he skims the foaming deep.
And the lights of the fisher boats gleam from afar,
And out in the west the evening star,-
And the glory grows and grows
To a symphony divine;-
Thy symphony-God-all Thine!

Fair is she in the silent night,-
When the world is hushed in sleep;
And Orion keeps watch and ward
With his jewelled sword;-
And Sirius blazes with colors of light
Through the splendid tropical night,
And the Pleiades keep on their beautiful way
And all the radiant hosts-in grand array-
Come forth to meet the day.
Through the vast and silent night,
Keep us-O-God-by Thy might!

A.C.S. (1.)



1. A Psalm for Hawaii: in: the (Honolulu) Sunday Advertiser: Sunday, Feb. 21, 1909: p. 1.
Attribution for A.C.S. is unclear

Fair is she in the sunset light...