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PhotographerAlbert Gilibert


MediumSimiligravure (halftone)

JournalL'Art Photographique 1899-1900

AtelierDraeger frères (Paris), Rückert & Cie (Paris)


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Documentary, Sewing, Village Life, Waterways, Women: Occupational


Image Dimensions: 26.2 x 19.8 cm November Planche XIX

Associated Highlights:

L’Art Photographique : French showcase for photographic and engraving art: 1899-1900

Engraved on tissue guard:

Étude d’après nature en plein air.
Similigravure de RUCKERT et Cie, imprimée par DRAEGER
Papier Grosvenor.


A group of women work together spinning wool next to a village waterway.

Fileuse Niverna