From the “Photographic Journal of a Baby.”

From the “Photographic Journal of a Baby.”

Katherine “Kitty” Stieglitz was the only child of Alfred Stieglitz. Born September 27, 1898,  she soon became the subject of an early series of photographs making up a larger photographic record he called his  Photographic Journal of a Baby.  This hand-pulled photogravure of Kitty, originally taken in 1900, was used as the frontis gravure for the January, 1902 issue of The Photographic Times. The photograph depicts Kitty in her pram (Stieglitz’s first wife Emmeline is seen at left steadying it) leaning over to investigate a baby chicken feeding outside its’ hutch. This is one of a series of photographs of Kitty to appear in this issue. There are an additional 18 images of her reproduced as halftones: three full-page plates showing a combined 17 images and one other additional full-page image.

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Fatherhood and Photography have never gone out of fashion. When Alfred Stieglitz’s daughter Katherine “Kitty” Stieglitz was born in September of 1898, (shown with his first wife Emmeline) he began photographing her incessantly, and compiled the resulting studies in a record he called his “Photographic Journal of a Baby”. Although the studies only record Kitty’s very young life, this photographic exercise was a precursor to his later monumental and groundbreaking series of photographs Stieglitz did of his second wife, Georgia O’Keeffe.

From the “Photographic Journal of a Baby.”

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