Gerhart Hauptmann

PhotographerAura Hertwig



JournalDie Kunst in der Photographie 1900

AtelierGeorg B├╝xenstein & Co.


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Men of Mark, Men: Occupational, Seashore


Image Dimensions: 19.5 x 14.0 cm : Art folio #4, plate #5

Deep in thought, Hauptmann appears to be writing in a journal cradled in his arms while standing at the seashore.

Gerhart Hauptmann, (1862-1946) was a prominent German dramatist of the early 20th century who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1912.  His early naturalistic plays are still frequently performed.  Hauptmann’s best-known works include The Weavers (1893), a humanist drama of a rebellion against the mechanisms of the Industrial Revolution , and Hannele (1884), about the conflict between reality and fantasy. 1.

1. Pegasos : Finnish online literary website

Gerhart Hauptmann