Hold! Infidel

Hold! Infidel

C.W. Hearn was from Boston at the time this portfolio was published.

Charles Wesley Hearn: 1853-1922


Death of Charles W. Hearn

It is with profound sorrow that we record the death of Charles Wesley Hearn, the well-known photographer. The sad event occurred April 3, at his home in West Roxbury, Mass. Born in Portland, Maine, in 1853, Mr. Hearn took up photography when a mere boy, conducting his first studio in his native city. Later he opened a studio in Boston, and shortly afterwards published his book on professional printing entitled, “Hearn’s Practical Printer”, which won for him international fame. For many years, it was regarded as standard and the best text-book on the subject in the English language.

Mr. Hearn won many distinguished honors. He was awarded the gold medal (the highest award) at several international prize-competitions, for eminently superior work, and many of his finest pictures have been published in Photo-Era Magazine. He was president of the Photographers’ Association of New England, at the Boston Convention, in 1902, and also of the Photographers’ Association of America, at the Niagara Falls Convention, in 1906. Mr. Hearn was a superb workman, strongly devoted to his profession, and believed in the noblest expressions of his art. In conducting his business, he never descended to any unethical methods, but won the admiration and respect of his customers. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, a sister, and a son (Frank Hearn) in the service of the Ansco Company. (Source: Photo-Era: June, 1922, p. 343)

Published:   HOLD!  INFIDEL, as a full-page halftone in the October, 1901 issue of Photo-Era magazine, (p. 149) where it is indicated to be copyrighted and exhibited as part of the 1901 Salon of the New England Photographers’ Association, which took place in Boston that year from August 27-30.  Hearn apparently printed the original in carbon, delivering an address on this process at the Salon also published in the issue.  In Wilson’s Photographic Magazine the same month, Hearn writes on the Salon: “At the afternoon session Mr. Hearn described his method of making his composition pictures, “Allah is Great” and “Hold, Infidel,” and the taking of house portraits, and after a witty address on “How to Take Pictures Under a Brick Skylight,” by Mr. H. A. Collings, the Convention adjourned.” (p. 394)

Hold! Infidel

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