PhotographerNichol Elliot

ArtistAlice Elliot

CountryEngland, Scotland


VolumeSome Memories of a Scottish Photographer

AtelierThe Vandyck Printers Ltd. (Bristol & London)


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Genre: Women, Homes, Women: Occupational


Image Dimensions: 19.7 x 10.7 | 20.5 x 11.5 cm glued along right margin
Support Dimensions: 24.8 x 19.0 cm

This is a portrait of Alice Elliot, born Alice Maddock on March 5, 1867. She became the wife of photographer Nichol Elliot on June 2, 1910 when the couple were married at the British Consulate in Vienna, Austria by her mother Mary Maddock, the wife of  Rev. William Herbert Maddock. (1.) She died in 1938. (see bio)


The following poem by Alice Elliot appears full-page opposite this photograph by Nichol Elliot:



SO brief, so dear our little life,
So brief and dear,
This little while with wonder rife,
With bliss or fear,
God given to us for Now and Here.


Those little homely things divine,
Love’s little things,
Far more than glory, gold or wine,
Have power and wings
To lift our hearts spite falterings.


What loveliness about our way, ⎯
Such loveliness!
What height and depth in this To-day,
Its pain to bless, ⎯
God lending life His heavenly ray,
And death His gloriousness.



1. Additions and Corrections xxv: in: Visitation of England and Wales-edited by Frederick Arthur Crisp, vol. 17: 1911: privately printed