“How much was that a yard ?”

“How much was that a yard ?”

The following paragraphs with reference to the title have been taken from Eben Holden:

The north country lay buried in the snow that Christmas time. Here and there the steam plow had thrown its furrows, on either side of the railroad, high above the window line. The fences were muffled in long ridges of snow their stakes showing like pins in a cushion of white velvet. Some of the small trees on the edge of the big timber stood overdrifted to their boughs. I have never seen such a glory of the morning as when the sun came up, that day we were nearing home, and lit the splendor of the hills, there in the land I love. The frosty nap of the snow glowed far and near with pulsing glints of pale sapphire.


We came into Hillsborough at noon the day before Christmas. Father and Uncle Eb met us at the depot and mother stood waving her handkerchief at the door as we drove up. And when we were done with our greetings and were standing, damp eyed, to warm ourselves at the fire, Uncle Eb brought his palms together with a loud whack and said:


“Look here, Liz’beth Brower! I want t’ hev ye tell me if ye ever see a likelier pair o’ colts.”She laughed as she looked at us. In a moment she ran her hand down the side of Hope’s gown. Then she lifted a fold of the cloth and felt of it thoughtfully.How much was that a yard?” she asked a dreamy look in her eyes. “W’y! w’y!” she continued as Hope told her the sum. “Terrible steep! but it does fit splendid! Oughter wear well too! Wish ye’d put that on if ye go t’ church nex’ Sunday.” “O mother!” said Hope, laughing, “I’ll wear my blue silk.”  (1.)

-Titled Illustration to “Eben Holden” and reproduced as a photogravure included with Camera Work IX, 1905.

– platinum print in Library of Congress dated 1904 states subjects of photograph: Posed by Ann Fulton and White’s mother in Newark, Ohio.

Clarence White’s mother was Phoebe Billman White . (1845-1920)


1. Eben Holden: Chapter XLIII: pp. 412-13

“How much was that a yard ?”

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