In a Garden Fair

PhotographerJames Craig Annan


MediumPhotogravure: Chine-collé

JournalPhotographische Rundschau 1901

AtelierMeisenbach, Riffarth & Co.


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Doorways, Genre: Women, Interiors, Triptch


Image Dimensions: 17.9 x 13.5 cm: February: Plate V

 In a Garden Fair dates to 1897.

Title of work assigned from known source.  On plate:  J. Craig Annan, Glasgow.

“Amongst the British leaders, Mr. J. Craig Annan, though not so revolutionary as in the past two years, has again found a totally new theme for his main picture, and in ‘In a Garden fair’ made use of the dark shadows of an open doorway to emphasize the brilliant sunshine of an out-door scene, and the delicate graceful lines of a light-costumed lady who forms its central object. ” 1.

1. Excerpt: Camera Craft: H. Snowden Ward: in: The Art Journal-New Series: J.S. Virtue & Co. Limited: London: p. 379

In a Garden Fair