In Apple Blossom Time

PhotographerHenry Troth

CountryUnited States


AtelierHenry Heininger Co. (New York City)


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Color photograph, Engraving, Flowers, Landscape, Figure, Men: Leisure Time, Roadways, Trees


Image Dimensions: 24.7 x 20.3 cm (fine screen evident on close magnification)
Support Dimensions: unmounted

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This landscape study of a gentleman holding a basket in a roadway by Henry Troth shows a large flowering apple tree in the foreground. The Heininger firm, founded in 1885, marketed art reproductions and published postcards in addition to larger works like this. states this firm’:


“Fac-Simile Hand painted Nature Views were of course not hand colored but reproduced hand colored work in four color lithography through the use of paper grains. These cards also have a false plate mark.”


Another reference included in the publishing trade journal Geyer’s Stationer from 1915 when this work is believed to have been produced stated:


“The Heininger Co. are famed as well for their extensive line of artist proof facsimile nature pictures so perfectly executed that they readily pass for the high-priced hand-colored photoprints that command such generous prices on the market. The popular prices at which these art subjects are offered should command the instant attention of buyers, who already know the good value of their Abelart line, a complete display of which will be on view.”


Another Troth spring landscape, “The Hill Road” also appeared in 1915 produced by this firm.

In Apple Blossom Time