In Meran

PhotographerS.S. Sheldon

CountryUnited States

MediumPhotogravure: Text

JournalThe Photographic TImes 1901



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Buildings, Carts, wagons, Children, Italy, Village Life, Women: Occupational


Image Dimensions: 8.9 x 14.0 cm February
Support Dimensions: 17.0 x 24.7 cm

The photographer of this scene, identified only as S.S.S. in the plate, turned up the byline S.S. Sheldon in the November, 1901 issue of The Photographic Times, for an article titled Snap-shot or Quick Exposures. A halftone photograph illustrating the article records Sheldon was from Ithaca, New York.´╗┐

This study of village life was most likely taken with a hand camera in Meran (Merano) located in northern Italy.

In Meran