In the Meadow

In the Meadow

Editorial comment on this plate:

“The river, hemmed with leaning trees, wound through its meadows green.”

“This picture was taken last September on Woods River in Bloomfield, Conn., near the old mill, the stream here flowing through a most delightful stretch of country. The Mill pond, the stream just below, with its thickly wooded banks, and, later, when it loiters through the meadow, give a great variety of subjects in a comparatively short distance. It is a favorite resort of artists and photographers, though I think all its beauties are not appreciated by the general public. I have a friend, an artist of note, who took a house near by and spent an entire season sketching in this neighborhood.”  Thus write Mr. Herbert O. Warner in regard to his own picture. This photograph received the first prize in the Sixth Annual Exhibition of the Camera Club of Hartford, this spring. It was acknowledged to be the “best landscape in the exhibition,” and certainly deserved the prize. Mr. Warner is President of the Club, and is one of its staunchest friends. He is a charter member and an active worker. He spends the greater part of every summer in travel, invariably carrying his Scovill camera with him. He uses the Laverne lens and Harvard plate.

In the Meadow

Image Dimensions12.0 x 18.2 cm | published July 28, 1893 | issue No. 619

Support Dimensions21.1 x 28.8 cm