Journal Cover: Dr. Hugo Henneberg- Wien

ArtistTheodor Schmuz-Baudiss



JournalPhotographisches Centralblatt 1898

AtelierGeorg D.W. Callwey (Munich)


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Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 27.2 x 17.5 cm September: Heft 17

This view shows an uncropped front cover of a typical issue of Photographisches Centralblatt for 1898. Issues published on the fifth of each month were devoted to the work of a specific photographer. This issue publishes the work of Dr. Hugo Henneberg of Vienna, a member of the Vienna Trifolium. The issue contains one hand-pulled gravure plate and three additional full-page multi-colored, autotype (halftone) plate supplements in the following order: Nach Sonnenuntergang, Toad Pond (1896), Buchenwald.

Journal Cover: Dr. Hugo Henneberg- Wien