Journal Cover: Photographisches Centralblatt

ArtistTheodor Schmuz-Baudiss



JournalPhotographisches Centralblatt 1898

AtelierGeorg D.W. Callwey (Munich)


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Artists, Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.9 cm January: Heft 1

Munich artist Theodor Schmuz-Baudiss (1859-1942) created the woodcut portrait of a woman set within an elaborate Jugendstil floral motif used for the covers of Photographisches Centralblatt in 1898. Signed STB at lower right within frame.

The first issue for January, 1898 (Erstes Januarheft) was devoted to the work of the Hofmeister brothers of Hamburg. The issue featured two photogravure plates by them as well as one full-page colored halftone plate.

Journal Cover: Photographisches Centralblatt