Journal Cover: Photographische Mitteilungen 1908



MediumLetterpress, Woodcut

JournalPhotographische Mitteilungen 1908

AtelierGustav Schmidt (Berlin)


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Journal Cover


Support Dimensions: 28.0 x 20.0 cm Heft 22 November

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Photographische Mitteilungen: 1864-1911: A Lasting Legacy to German photochemist Hermann Wilhelm Vogel

Photographische Mitteilungen  (Photographic Reports) was a journal issued twice every month. Issues for 1908 were issued in blue card covers. Edited by Paul Hanneke, the journal was priced at 3 Marks for 3 months (6 total issues). Individual issues were priced at 60 Pfennig.

The stylized monogram at center of journal carries the date of 1891 and GS: for Berlin publisher Gustav Schmidt. The Latin phrase In Luce Mundus (The Light of the World) is engraved below a representation of the Sun.

It is not known what the significance of the date represents-Schmidt had a publishing affiliation with publisher Robert Oppenheim of Berlin and many photographic imprints carry both names beginning from the very early 1890’s.

Journal Cover: Photographische Mitteilungen 1908