La Tournée du père Mathieu

PhotographerJules Seeberger


MediumPhotogravure: Taille-Douce (screen)

PortfolioL'Épreuve Photographique: Première Série: 1904

AtelierCharles Wittmann (Paris)


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Architecture, Cityscape, Commerce, Documentary, Men: Occupational


Image Dimensions: 20.9 x 15.9 cm Série 1 Planche 42
Support Dimensions: 41.3 x 29.5 cm

Jules Seeberger, 1872-1932, along with brothers Louis Seeberger (1874-1946) and Henri Seeberger (1876-1956) founded Les Frères Seeberger (The Seeberger Brothers) photo agency in Paris in 1905.  Documentary photographers, their work often appeared as postcards from this time.  A volume published in 2007 titled Elegance: The Seeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography, is a collection of their work showing the fashionable and well-to-do in French society from the early part of the 20th century.

La Tournée du père Mathieu