Les Fleurs Dans Le Bois

PhotographerLéopold-Emile Reutlinger



JournalLa Fotographia Artistica 1905

AtelierMaison Tensi (Milan)


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Allegorical, Animals, Costume Study, Flowers, Interiors, Supports, Tableau vivant, The Stage


Image Dimensions: 22.3 x 14.1 cm February
Support Dimensions: 34.0 x 24.2 cm

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Featuring a painted backdrop and wood board placed over a “stream”, this studio photograph features a white rabbit investigating the Belle Epoque era model identified from other variants as “Miss Doll”.(proper identification of this model would be of interest as she has remained a popular subject seen in countless vintage postcards, many hand-tinted)


This example was printed by the Milan atelier Maison Tensi and included as a full-page plate in the February, 1905 issue of “La Fotographia Artistica”, a  French/Italian photographic journal.

Les Fleurs Dans Le Bois