Les frères Blancs

PhotographerJames Craig Annan



PortfolioTroisième Exposition d'Art Photographique - 1896

AtelierCharles Wittmann (Paris), James Craig Annan (Glasgow)


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Religion: Christianity


Image Dimensions: 9.9 x 9.1 cm Planche XIV
Support Dimensions: 40.0 x 28.8

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Photo-Club de Paris Exposition d'Art Photographique Portfolios: 1894-1897

Known as The White Friars, this photograph taken in Italy in 1894 is an early example of stop-movement photography made by Annan with a hand-held camera.


Original copy for this entry posted to Facebook on August  28, 2011:

Today, a photo of Italian monks walking down the street caught mid-stride would be unremarkable indeed. But in 1894, the “White Friars” taken by Scottish photographer James Craig Annan was considered groundbreaking. An example of stop-movement photography captured by a hand camera. Annan additionally made the copper photogravure plate printed by Charles Wittmann for the Photo Club of Paris 1896 exhibition portfolio.

Les frères Blancs