Lovers Lane in Winter

Lovers Lane in Winter

Born in New Hampshire in either 1855, (1900 Census) 1856, (1880 Census) or 1858, (1910 Census) A. Leonore Kellogg was an active amateur photographer working circa 1900-1920. Her known photographic record includes genre scenes, still life and landscapes, with this Naturalistic winter scene showing a trail of footprints in fresh snow through a grove of white birch trees.

In 1908, she authored an article on Kallitype, an iron/silver process known as the poor man’s platinum print, of which she was proficient at, for the 1909 American Annual of Photography, referencing her involvement with it as early as 1903. A member of the International Photographic Association based in San Francisco, CA, she was secretary and Album Director for her state New Hampshire chapter from 1908 to at least 1917, listed by then that year in the American Annual of Photography as living in Londonderry, N.H. The “album” itself was part of a postal photographic club, where members received through the mail loose mounted prints for review and criticism. By 1910, the International Photographic Association’s requirements for album mounts were 11 x 14″ in size, so if this example of one of her tipped platinum prints: Lovers Lane in Winter, was included, then it predates this date.

Childless, with husband Frank C. Kellogg earning a good living as an overseer in the spinning department of one of the large Manchester woolen mills, (1900 Census) Leonore had the discretionary income necessary to pursue photography in an uncommon setting: a large working class American city at the turn of the 20th century.

Print details:
verso: on tipped print and centered: black cursive ink presumed to be in hand of Kellogg: “Lovers Lane in Winter”
By A. Leonore Kellogg .

verso support: glued white label upper left corner on black, moderately thick, black paper mount: 2.4 x 4.9 cm
label engraved:

MRS. F.C. Kellogg
338 McGregor St.,

Original copy for this entry posted to Facebook on December 18, 2012:

In the spirit of the season: snow, Winter, and pre-global warming, I’ve recently posted a lovely example of what I’ll label genre landscape: “Lovers Lane in Winter”, by female amateur A. Leonore Kellogg, was briefly in the running for this year’s holiday card until my wife became inspired with a different image and words to wrap around it-also taken by a woman photographer. So this is for all you romantics out there-hoping you all find beauty with someone on the road less traveled.

Lovers Lane in Winter

Image Dimensions16.5 x 10.6 cm

Support Dimensions31.2 x 20.8 cm (entire mount shown)