PhotographerJohn F. Meaney

CountryUnited States

MediumPhotogravure: Text

JournalThe Photographic TImes 1901

AtelierPhotochrome Engraving Company (New York City)


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Bridges, Ice, Landscape, Streams, Landscape, Winter, Snow, Trees


Image Dimensions: 15.3 x 11.1 cm April
Support Dimensions: 24.0 x 16.9 cm

Besides being an amateur photographer, Meaney is listed as being one of the directors of the Photochrome Engraving Company as early as 1906, along with partners William E. Blossfeld and Joseph R. Seitz.  (1.) Located at 162 Leonard street in New York City, the photo-engraving firm was first founded in 1885 and known as the Heliochrome Company. As late as 1918, the Printing Trades Blue Book for New York lists Meaney as being the treasurer for Photochrome, now located at 419 Lafayette. The Photochrome firm is best known for being partly owned by Alfred Stieglitz, who joined it in 1890 and renamed it PhotoChrome in 1891 after he became a partner.  He left in 1895.

1. company listing: Photochrome Engraving Co. (R.T.N.): in: The Trow (formerly Wilson’s) Copartnership and Corporation Directory of the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx City of New York: March, 1906:  p. 578