Mission Statement: Photographisches Centralblatt 1900




JournalPhotographisches Centralblatt 1900

AtelierGeorg D.W. Callwey (Munich)


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The new century and the first January issue of Photographisches Centralblatt for 1900 begins with an editorial observation that promoting the photographic arts and crafts has been the journal’s mission.  And through its efforts of publishing fine reproductions of this work it has attempted to stay true to this philosophy but concedes even these reproductions do not give a true idea of the original photographs. In this respect, the journal has promoted photographic work by placing it in “the gallery of the painter”, a direct reference to managing editor Fritz Matthies-Masuren’s success at mounting some of it at the gallery of the Munich Secession in November, 1898. The copy continues by stating since October, 1899 it has promoted an excellent body of photographic work by circulating it among the various photographic clubs in Germany and Austria.


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Mission Statement: Photographisches Centralblatt 1900