Moonlight night in Winter

Moonlight night in Winter

This nighttime photograph of a sailboat trapped for the Winter in ice at Annisquam’s Lobster Cove was taken by photographer and artist Martha Hale Harvey, 1862-1949. With superb detail, this rich brown-toned, platinum photograph is most likely a contact print as it is known she preferred to use an 8 x 10″ camera. Annisquam is part of the city of Gloucester on the north shore of Massachusetts.

Recto: pencil signed, bottom right corner: Martha H Harvey
Verso: pencil notations:

Moonlight night in Winter
photographed by Martha H Harvey
on the Bridge at 10.30 exposure 20 minutes

One of the last Vessels to Anchor in
Lobster Cove all Winter

Unconserved print- signs of verso adhesive in two corners at top where print was formerly attached to mount support.

Reference print: title: Moonlight, Lobster Cove, Annisquam, Massachusetts: in: Permanent collection:  Minneapolis Institute of Art. A small collection of other vintage photographs by Harvey in the MIA online database from Annisquam date from 1897 to the turn of the century.

Moonlight night in Winter

Image Dimensions24.4 x 19.4 cm

Support DimensionsUnmounted